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The PANTONE Formula Scales have been designed specifically for mixing inks to match PANTONE Colours.  They are easy to use, accurate, and tough enough to stand up to the ink room environment. They have been proven by thousands of printers around the world to deliver substantial benefits*.

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Whatever the size of your printing operation, or your requirements for special colours, there is a PANTONE Formula Scale to suit your requirements. Not only will it offer you great convenience, help you to improve and maintain colour quality, but is almost certain to save you money as well.

The key is the unique combination of accurate digital weighing scales and computerized electronics, with all of the PANTONE Formulas stored in the scale memory. You just key in the PANTONE Number and quantity of ink required, then step through the weighing sequence - the PANTONE Formula Scale does the rest. The exact amount of each base ink required is calculated automatically, and the amount to add is shown on the display. You just add the base ink until the display shows zero.

Repeat for each of the components of the mix and you are finished. It's as simple as that! PANTONE Formula Scales are very easy to operate, with simple on-screen instructions, and include comprehensive error checking to make sure the mix is correct. There is even a progress bar to provide a quick visual check, so you can get close to the right amount of each base ink addition very quickly.

PANTONE Formula Scale 3 Printshop LCWe offer a range of models starting with the new low cost PANTONE Formula Scale 3 - Printshop LC. This is designed for smaller mixes, up to 1kg, and will be perfect for a small jobbing printer, or high street print shop, where small mixes and fast turnaround are the order of the day.

All the latest PANTONE Formula Scale 3 models have a number advanced features, and are programmed with the formulas for ALL printable PANTONE Solid Colours. The scales come ready programmed with all of the colours in the PANTONE Formula Guide (even the fluorescents), plus those found in the latest versions of PANTONE Metallic Formula Guide and the PANTONE Pastel Formula Guide. Now all PANTONE Formula Scale 3 Models are programmed with the latest PANTONE Goe™System Colour Range.

PANTONE Formula Scale Model PFS3With 5kg mixing capacity, the standard PANTONE Formula Scale 3 will be ideal for most medium sized printers with an eye for quality results, and a wide range of customer requirements.

The PANTONE Formula Scale 3+ has even more features. These scales enables you to create and save up to 100 of you own custom formulas from PANTONE Bases, so you can easily repeat mixes you have developed for particular customers. There is also a high resolution weighing mode to cope with those difficult mixes with very small components. This model is supplied with either 5kg or 10 kg weighing capacity.

For applications where you have many of your own formulas, the PANTONE Formula Scale 3i is fully programmable. As you would expect, it comes ready programmed with all of the PANTONE Formulas, but it will also store as many as 30,000 custom formulas, in up to 64 different ink systems. FREE PC based 'Formula Master' software is provided enable you to enter and build up your own databases of colour ink formulations, then to download them to the scale. You can then enjoy the convenience and accuracy of using the PANTONE Formula Scale for mixing any colour ink for which you have a formula - no matter what it is or the ink system and bases used.

Not only do the PANTONE Formula Scales do a superb job of formulating inks, but they also offer considerable savings compared with other methods of achieving custom mixes.

For more information, you can download our descriptive leaflet as an Adobe Acrobat file in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

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